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10 Gift ideas for Book Lovers

We all have at least one book lover in our lives. I know for my family that tends to be me and I’m tired of always getting a random book they think I’ll like. Trust me it’s seldom something I’d pick up on my own. And who wants to tell Aunt Cindy you’d rather chew your arm off than read the very much harlequin romance novel she picked up for you? Not me, that’s for sure. So I’ve put together a little list of gift ideas for book lovers that you can use the next time you need a gift for the bookish person in your life. Oh, which reminds me, did you know that August 89h is National Book Lovers Day? You just might need this list sooner than you thought huh? ;)

  1. Bookish art to decorate their reading nook.

All readers love book art, and we love creating cozy places in our homes to read. So why not grab us something to decorate our space. You can get really creative with this but some examples of this could be a folded book, art prints with book related themes, other little knick-knacks that fit our vibe.

Here's an example of an Art Print I found on Etsy. Feel free to check it out or search for others. Etsy is a great place to find amazing prints by small creators.

Another example I found on Etsy of a folded book. You can often find custom ones of your loved one's name or other requests like important dates and stuff. It's always a fun idea, check out this creators work if you think your book lover would like one of these for their space.

2. Annotate a copy of their favorite book.

We all have a favorite book, and I bet you’ve been told about it a billion times. So why not take the time to grab a copy of our favorite book and actually read it. Leave us little notes, tell us what you thought while you were reading. Was the character doing something dumb? Did you find a particular part funny? Sad? Let us know! I guarantee the book lover in your life will enjoy being able to re-read their favorite book and see your reactions. Beware though, we now know you’ve read it and we WILL be talking about it later.

3. Blind Date with a Book.

This one is something I find interesting and so do many other book readers. Sometimes we just have too many options in front of us and don’t know what to read next. With a Blind Date with a Book box/bundle we don’t have to think about it. These mystery books are always a fun surprise because just like a box of chocolates you never know what you’re gonna get. (Please tell me someone got that reference? ) Anyway, they often come with other bookish goodies so that’s neat too. Check out the links to see some blind date with book ideas.

Here's an example I found on Etsy but there are so many other's to choose from in varying price points which make them a great choice for anyone.

4. Book Box Subscription

Trust me when I tell you there is a book box subscription for every type of reader. We all love pretty books and a lot of these subscription boxes get books with limited edition covers to some of our favorite books. So check some out, maybe gift your favorite book lover a month or two or even a whole year's worth of book boxes. I’ll link a few below that I think are worth a look.

5. Tote bags

So you have a bookworm in your life, you KNOW we always have at least one book with us and if we’re going to a bookstore we’re buying more than our arms can hold. That’s what makes tote bags such a perfect gift. They come in all colors and sizes and some even have book related designs! Check out my examples below for some inspiration. Personally I love all of these designs. You can never have too many tote bags.

Check out one of my designs in the shop tab at the top of this page.

Amazon has some cute ideas too, such as the one pictured to the left. *This is an affiliate link. I may receive a small commission and no additional cost to you.

6. Bookish Clothing

Sometimes we just like to show off that we’re big ol’ book worms. So grab us a cute t-shirt, or a cozy hoodie that let’s the world know how much we love books. Don’t be afraid to have fun with this one, because some of these designs are WILD. If your book lover has a sense of humor this could be a real fun idea. Let me show you some designs I can’t get enough of.

This hilarious tee is one I found on Etsy. There are a lot of options to choose from here with the benifit of supporting a small creator.

If you'd like to help support Faye's Books and Brews you could also check out one of our designs. We offer sizes S-5x. Just check out our shop tab at the top of the page for more designs.

7. Bath tray

There is nothing more relaxing that a good book and a bubble bath. I stand by this until the end of time. The only problem is how to read your book without getting it wet! So I found this cool bath tray that’s perfect for bubble baths and reading. It extends so it fits different size tubs, has little compartments carved out for a drink, a hand towel (gotta have dry hands to turn the page), a place for your book/ kindle, even has a little plastic shield to put in front in between changing the pages for extra protection from the water. Babes, that’s just cool.

This one is on Amazon and is for sure on my wish list.

This is an affiliate link. I may receive a small commission and no additional cost to you.

8. A cute mug or wine glass.

I have never in my life met a reader who doesn’t have a go to drink when they’re cuddled up with a good book. Weather its, coffee, tea, wine, or even that weird clear liquid that people insist is good for us, we all have a go to drink. So, why not buy us a cute glass to drink it from. Personally I prefer coffee, and have a bit of a mug collection so send me those coffee mugs babes. Here are a few that I personally want for my collection.

There are never a shortage on book themed coffee mugs or wine glasses. Check out this one I found on Etsy.

9. Some Quality Headphones

We can’t forget our audiobook babes. They too need gifts and while they’d love all of the other ideas just as much as the rest of us book lovers, this gift is perfect for them. They need some good quality headphones for while they’re out and about listening to their latest book.

10. Create your own book box for a cute get together!

This idea is more for couples but would also work just as a fun time with a friend too. What you’re going to do is this. Grab two copies of a book that's on your bookworm’s tbr (to be read) list. Then you’re going to get some snack foods, yours and your book babes favorites preferably. Next grab some other goodies, face masks, book marks, maybe a bottle of wine or two, book annotation supplies ( sticky tabs, highlighters and pens), and you’re going to have a Book Date Night together. Read the book out loud together or in small sprints together. Share your favorite moments, talk about the book. Trust me when I say if you’re doing this as a date night for your parner you have won the game my friends because this might just be every book lovers dream.

Okay, there you have it babes! 10 gifts for the Book Lovers in your life. Save this for whenever you need an idea for a bookish gift for your book lover.


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