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All in Good Time-Talia Aden: A Review

Ok my lovelies, here’s another book you’ve got to read. This one is YA/NA, I know I don’t do many of those. Honestly I got it as an ARC because it was 80’s themed and advertised as a romance. That’s what I get for not paying attention. BUT! It must have been fate because this book was soooooo good.

Talia Aden is an amazing indie author and her Novel “All in Good Time” is full of relatable characters, first loves, hard topics, and hope.

We know I like to highlight when a book has diversity and honestly this book didn’t have much. Marty is a BIPOC character but he is a side character in the story and only plays a minor part in the overall story. Mal, Derek’s little sister is of mixed heritage but it isn’t explicitly stated and honestly I only know because I asked the author so I don’t know if I should count that at all.

The story follows Becca and Derek, two teens who seem to be an unlikely pair. Becca is not really miss popularity but she has a few close friends. Whereas Derek is all any of the girls at school talk about. He’s got a bad boy reputation and is always the life of the party. Their first one on one encounter happened by accident and from that moment on their lives were changed forever.

Both teens are dealing with their own issues, Becca is always alone. Her mother works as a traveling nurse and her father left them years ago. She spends most of her nights alone unless she’s out with her best friend Marty. Derek has a strained homelife. His father is abusive towards him, and presumably his step-mother as well as his step-sister but Derek takes the brunt of it.

The two find themselves drawn together. Possibly because they both hurt in their own way, they become friends and tell each other everything. That is until Becca gets it in her head to go against Derek’s wishes and reports his father for child abuse. We see their relationship and the aftermath of that report unfold through the past vs present POV that the story is told through.

You’ll be drawn into the drama and turn page after page as these two realize that they are more than just friends and wait to see if justice is ever truly served. I won’t tell you the ending but just know it’s emotional. I was crying at parts and laughing at others.

Overall I gave it a 4 star rating. The story was well written, the plot made sense, the worldbuilding (basically just making it believable that it was in the 80’s) was done well, and the characters were well rounded. Seeing as it’s YA it’s no surprise that it’s a 1 on the spice scale. Just a single fade to black scene and a kiss or two.


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