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All is Quiet in the Cosmos by Emerson : A Review

Hey my bookish Gremlins I've got another book for you!

This is a book that I didn’t know I was going to read. I’ll be honest I wouldn’t have picked it up if the author hadn’t reached out and asked me if I’d be interested in promoting their book. I’m glad they did though because I enjoyed reading it so much.

The book, as almost any of the ones I review as of late, has a good bit of rep. We’ve got LGBTQIA rep (one of the pairings is a M/M romance), and disability rep, one could argue there is also a bit of mental health rep as well.

For the LGBTQIA+ rep, it isn’t set as a president on weather these relationships are the norm or not as we don’t have a lot of interaction with love outside of the four main characters. However the relationship between Varys and Zen is simple and builds organically. We don’t get to see all the time that passes but we see enough to know that they have many conversations and are able to grow a bond this way.

The disability rep is from our only FMC Lilith, a war survivor who has the scars to show for it. She lost her hearing and her body is literally covered in scars from surviving a blast that nearly took out an entire planet. Emerson does a good job in highlighting that Lilith’s disability never stops her from doing her job or living life. I loved that not only did she learn sign as part of her own story but that her love interest Altair asks her to teach him as well. He may have his own reasons for this, since he can’t talk without succumbing to the curse that is his voice, but it was nice to see the sign language used as part of the book. There were also other characters who used sign when communicating with Lilith.

Now, my argument that mental health rep is also here is mainly because of Zen and Altair. Zen is absolutely depressed. He hates his job, his life is nothing but a chore he has to push through, he’s suffered at the hands of abusers as long as he’s been alive, and if it was possible he’d gladly cease to exist he just doesn’t have the nerve to do it himself. He shows this by his talking about his death as if it’s an inevitability, he even mentions the suicide of another solider with whom he shared a room. Zen is what depression looks like when you don’t have a support system. Altair also has his own depression. He was exiled to a desolate planet, his loneliness is so much that he wanted to die, add on his guilt for something he did but couldn’t control. It's surprising that he’s lived as long as he did.

This story is interesting for so many reasons. One it’s a Syfy novel that shows how greedy and harmful humans can truly be. Especially the wealthy. It has aliens each with their own worlds and histories, who originally just set out to share their power with the universe and to help save a dying earth only for humans to do what we do best, start a war. We have two alien spices that we see the most the Serinians and the Vesunians. The Serinians are amphibious aliens who as it turns out have been visiting earth for a long time and are where we got our myths about the sirens who would lure men to their deaths with just the sound of their voice. The Vesunians are large, muscular, and very much what we would fear in an alien race. Their eyes are all black, they are roughly 7’ tall, have only four fingers, and they are strong enough to rip a human in half.

I really enjoyed reading this book and was completely caught off guard by the ending. I’m giving this one a 4/5 stars and a 0/5 on the spice scale as there was only one steamy kiss.


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