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Beauty's Beasts by Mx. Alex Hanson

Ok my bookish Gremlins, we’ve got a really good one this time!

Ok first things first the rep in this book.

So Beauty’s Beasts has SO much representation. It has a NB/genderfluid MC as well as other LGBTQIA+ Relationships/characters , Mental Health rep, and Disability Rep.

Not only are these representations present but in my personal opinion they are done marvelously. While I cannot speak on the Non-Binary rep from personal experience I do feel like the author does a good job letting us see inside our MC’s head and making their experiences relatable no matter who you are or how you identify. It was explained well and done in such a way that even with the changing names Eve/Evan/Evangeline it just made sense.

The Mental Health Rep is done in a few different ways throughout the book. We have multiple characters that are dealing with grief of losing their homes on a very basic level. We also have more in depth rep in Drixus, who literally fell into such a self loathing/harm cycle of depression that he denied himself even the basics of self care. It is truly a testament to just how wonderful our MC is that they are able to help Drixus navigate his feelings enough to start down his path of healing. We also have a moment of severe grief fueled depression when the MC loses someone close to them. They completely shut out the world but are able to slowly come around with the help of Drixus. While these are all very much grief fueled instances as someone who has their own mental health struggles it was still relatable. There are always things that sometimes weigh as much as the world and it takes everything you have to pull yourself out of those moments. Seeing these character’s deal with their own issues and pull through to the happiness they find is a much welcomed representation.

Now onto the disability rep, Two of our main characters have disabilities. Wexton is an amputee, he’s missing an arm from a previous battle in this war on good vs evil. Drixus is also an example of the disability rep in that their wings were removed in battle, taking from them their ability to fly. Lastly we have Caliborne who is mute. All of these men are shown as being strong and capable and for that we love Mx. Alex even more. Not once are any of these characters made to feel like their disability keeps them from anything, they all adapted and continued to be their amazing selves. This isn’t to say they don’t have insecurities but they just don’t let their disability stop them and no one tries to tell them they can’t do something. This is also something I’m grateful for in Mx. Alex’s work, they make sure that their character’s are equally celebrated for their accomplishments worth not for their “overcoming their disability”.

Now that we got that covered! Let me tell you a bit about the book shall I?

Beauty’s Beats is a Beauty and the Beast retelling/reimagining where our Beauty is actually a non-binary person who was cast out from their village as a sacrifice to the “beasts” that roam the Deadwood forest. The Beasts though are anything but beastly, well at least not in the way they act. Once Evangeline finds themselves in the Deadwood forest they are presented with not one but FOUR Beasts. In a strange twist of fate Eve is now the key to breaking a curse that has kept the men stuck inside the frozen wasteland that is the Deadwood forest. The real question is will they be able to break the curse and survive?

I loved this book so much. It’s a Spicy Why Choose and when I tell you the spice was spicing! Boy was it ever. We’ve got the sweet silent one, Caliborne. He’s a gentle lover and protective of those he loves. The cocky dirty mouthed Wexton who loves wagging his tongue if you catch my drift. He’s just so infuriating but also he’s literally the sweetest boy who just wants to be loved. Then we’ve got Drixus, the asexual who’s the perfect emotional intimacy bf but also he likes to watch your pleasure. ;) Of course I saved the best for last, Fenmire. He’s rough around the edges, he's primal, and he’s the one who will push you to your limits, but let someone else try to harm you. I personally have a thing for Fenmire, Wexton is a close second.

This book had me captured from the beginning. The plot was magnificent, the world building was on point, the romance was wonderfully sweet, the spice was spicy and the whole time I just couldn't put it down. I definitely cried, laughed, and sweared so much reading this book. I will definitely be rereading it. It is without a doubt a 5/5 Star read and I think it might be the first book I’m giving a good 5/5 on the spicy scale too! Be sure to check it out! You can find it on Amazon starting Oct. 1, 2023.


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