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Behold Her: Emily Antoinette Review

Are you a plus sized babe?

Do you love dark, spicy romance?

Want to maybe read about some new and exciting kinks?

Well if you do I’ve got the book for you.

It’s a spicy, yet somehow also cozy monster romance. Behold Her (let me know if you get the pun here) is Emily Antoinette’s third novel released this year. Its FMC is Mona, a plus sized woman who suffers from depression, is grieving the loss of a pet, and who just in general is having a hard time with life. Mona in an attempt to take some control in her life and not feel so isolated decides to start a sexy dance fitness class. Here she meets Blair, a vampire who takes a liking to her and insists that Mona continue classes even when she starts to lose heart. Blair also introduces Mona to kink by taking her to a BDSM club where Mona discovers she just might have some more adventurous tastes.

Our MMC is Max, a sensitive man (Who’s actually half witch/half succubus) who’s been hurt so many times he has trouble accepting himself for who he is. Max, is a PI who works on cases for the supernatural community. On one of his jobs he just so happens to be posted outside of Mona’s apartment building when he catches a glimpse of her through the open blinds. It was enough though because he finds himself instantly infatuated with the curvy, beautiful woman and finds himself looking more often than he should.

Max and Mona bump into each other a few other times and before long Mona and Max seem to be slipping into each other's dreams. Things get hot fast and Mona explores her desires to be hunted and taken by the tall sexy man she thought might have been her stalker.

These characters are all soo relatable and the story is somehow the perfect mixture of cozy mystery and dark romance. Max is able to deliver all of Mona’s deepest darkest desires while somehow also being the biggest cinnamon roll of a man. I loved them both so much. Mona is, for me at least, relatable for so many reasons. She is a plus babe and sometimes she forgets that, and that’s ok. Learning to love yourself is a long journey and Mona is still on hers the way many of us are still on our own journey to self love. She’s real and flawed but also just so genuine I fell in love with her and I know you will too. Max is also just a sweet sweet boy. He tends to cut himself off from people to hide his problems but deep down he just wants someone to accept him for him, ALL of him.

Anyway, you should definitely read this book. Emily did such an amazing job as always and I know you’ll love Behold Her as much as I did.

I gave it a 4/5 stars and a 5/5 spice.


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