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Child of Three Halves: A Review

Ok My little Gremlins I have the first book review of the new year for you!

If you remember I did both an ARC read and an Interview with Author Harlowe Frost last year. You can check out the interview here, and the review for book one in her Lucere Amon Sage here. If you haven’t read the first book yet there will be spoilers as we’ll be talking about it in comparison to the events of the second book.

So let’s get to it!

I’ll be honest, I read the first line and was completely thrown. The first book ended with the Prophecy which read ‘A child of three halves, combined of the immortal and hexed, will bring the unity or the destruction of the ancient clans.’ The second opened with talk of pregnancy. No warning, no in-between, just shouting about how Casey would be the mother of a child of prophecy. 

So as a reminder Casey is our MC. She starts off as a witch in her early 20’s starting college in the mid 1980’s. She gets a job in a questionable establishment the inevitably ends up with her being turned into a vampire. She is now thrust into a world where she now has to manage to pass her witch exams, learn how to navigate the world as a baby vamp, and not be outed as anything other than human at college. She manages this with some help from her friend Jen, a few charming vampires, and her loving grandpa, though we don’t get there without betrayal and heartbreak. 

So where did this whole “get Casey pregnant” thing come from? No idea. I personally thought that Casey was already the child of Three halves. I thought that either she would pick up another power or she already was human, witch, and vampire. Apparently I was wrong? 

So after the initial shock wore off I found myself getting into the story. We had a major time jump between the end of book one and the beginning of this book. Which will make sense once you get to the end of book two but I don’t want to spoil it for you. I have my suspicions on why Harlowe Frost skipped such a large amount of time and I hope to see if they prove to be right when we get to book three. 

The story picks up with Casey being fully integrated into her new life. She’s getting ready to graduate college, applying for jobs, and exploring all of the sexy sexy love options available to her. Of course she still had this prophecy looming over her head. She’s still working on figuring out exactly what it means and in the meantime everyone seems to be a little too keen to know when she’ll be popping out this magical baby that she never even said she wanted.

The whole baby aspect really wasn’t doing it for me and I didn’t really get it. But I kept reading. There was a point where I ALMOST DNF’d due to a coerced intimate scene (So essentially SA on the page). I did stop and debate but ultimately decided I’d give the book the benefit of a doubt. Harlowe used the scene to do two things, drop a bit of an easter egg to the prophecy, and also so Casey could learn something more about her magical abilities. 

Still, she only did an ok job of addressing the aftermath of living though an SA but I felt like it wasn’t realistic. As one of many women who have lived through the real life ordeal I don’t think it was realistic that Casey would be back in the saddle so fast. But again that’s just my opinion and everyone processes and reacts differently. Now there were nightmares, and hesitation of interacting with others, but also the want to feel safe. Which all felt accurate but she was back to sleeping with people within days. 

Still I had decided to keep reading and was wrapped up in discovering who was betraying her, and working against her and her Vampire House’s desire to create a world where Vampires, Witches, and Humans could live peacefully together. It was a story full of twists and turns and trust me there was plenty of good spice and a few moments that had me dropping my jaw to the floor surprise. Including the ending, you won’t believe what happens.

Overall I ended up giving the second book a 3 star rating. It might have been higher but the open door SA scene made me knock it down significantly. Still If you can push past that it’s worth the 


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