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Happy Release Day! Bound by Ravens-Jesikah Sundin.

This book is a stand-alone within the Starry Kingdoms of Fae series, told from a duel POV.

Taryn has lost everything when her first love betrayed her. The life she had was stolen from her as she was given a life of servitude. Still she pushed forward, steeled her heart to love and made the best of the hand shed been delt.

Finn, an orphaned fae boy who was sold into indentured servitude as a way to pay for his foster "family's" crimes, has mastered the art of not caring. At least that's what he'd have you believe. His play boy attitude mixed with his bad boy looks helps him on his daily tasks set forth by the thrives guild he'd been sold to as a child. Soon, he will have paid his family's debt in full and have earned his freedom.

Both our MCs are given just the chance to earn their freedom. The only problem is their from rival guilds and each of them need this payday. It seems fate has other plans though as they find themselves face to face with a fae witch who isn't a witch at all and curses them to never be more than fifteen ft apart until they can bring her three magical items. Will they be able to complete their quest and earn their freedom or will their respective guilds kill them for failing their mission first?

This book was amazing from start to finish. The banter between the rivals turned lovers stays till the very end. The two learn to work together as they take on the fanciful quests they've been given in order to earn their freedom from the witches curse.

I also found it quite enjoyable that you can tell the author did her research on Celtic mythology. The references to the Finnian legends were a nice touch.

To explain my rating of 3 stars.

I took it down to three simply because the one thing that bothered me was the way Taryn seemed to pine over Finn the whole time. It got a little repetitive at a certain point. It didn't ruin the overall plot or hurt its readability, just became a bit annoying imo. The writing style was also just a bit off for me. Despite that, it was truly a good story and the characters were loveable.

This book is definitely worth the read and I plan to check out more of Jesikah Sudin's books in the future.

Happy reading!


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