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How can you find Indie books at the book store

Hi my Gremlins! 

So I took some time and did a whole deep dive into the Big Five publishers so that I could more easily determine if a book is Indie or not when I’m out shopping. 

Obviously you can’t just memorize the whole list but that’s ok you don’t have to!

The easiest way to tell if a book is Indie or not is the copyright page. You know the one you probably NEVER look at. It’s usually one of the first pages in any book and tells you who published the book, the copyright date, and all that fun legal stuff.  Most books will tell you the publisher and if that publisher is an imprint of one of the big five they should also be listed on the page. 

a copyright page in an indie book
Example of and Indie book's Copyright page
 traditionally published book's copyright page
Example of a traditionally published book's copyright page

Don’t know what an imprint is? Well the easiest way to explain it is that an imprint is a branch on a tree. The main body of the tree is the Big publisher, think Macmillian or Penguinrandomhouse. The branches that sprout outwards are the imprints, or smaller publishers that are employed by or have a contract with the Big publisher. Just like a tree each of the Five big publishers, (Macmillan, Penguin Random House, Simon and Schuster, Harper Collins, and Hachette) have many many branches (imprints).

So now when I’m out looking around the bookstore I check that copyright page before I buy. I wish that it made it super easy to spot but sadly more than 90% of the books(I did in fact pull this percentage out my backend but seriously I found that there were almost no indie books in my local bookstore)  in traditional bookstores are going to be traditionally published by one of the Big Five or their imprints. 


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