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Indie Author Interview: E.A. Noble

Hello my Bookish Gremlins! It's Wednesday and that means it Indie Author Interview Time! This week's author is E.A. Noble, author of "When Blood Meets Earth" a Queer, fantasy that will definitely have you hooked. So let's get a peek into her mind, shall we?

Get to know you Section.

A simple question to start, what are your pronouns? We don’t want to assume.


Can you tell us a bit about your background? How does this affect your writing?  I ask because we like to support Indie authors from diverse backgrounds here and it is not polite to assume one’s identity.

Hello, I'm E.A. Noble, and I write Queer Fantasy for the Culture. This tagline isn't just a slogan; it's a reflection of who I am. As a Queer Fat Black Woman who is Neurodivergent, I often find myself underrepresented in the spaces around us. That's why it's crucial for me to feature women, queer individuals, fat people, and BIPOC as main characters in the books I write.

Have you always wanted to be an author? If not, what made you want to be one?

As a child, being an author was always my dream. I used to fill journals with my thoughts and stories, escaping the monotony of everyday life. Maybe it was my ADHD that led me from daydreaming in class to creating fantastical worlds on paper. But with each word I wrote, I knew I was going to become an author. The little girl in me would be so proud. 

Are there any authors who inspired you to become an author?

I know it may sound unconventional, but the truth is, the inspiration was always within me. I didn’t receive it from other authors. Sometimes I wonder if I'm a writer reincarnated. begins to ponder while looking out of the window to the azure sky. Feels a plot coming on

What is your favorite Genre to read? What are you currently reading?

Fantasy!!!!!! But then again, that's hardly a surprise. hehehe I'm mostly immersed in the realm of Speculative Fiction within the book world. Currently, I'm diving into works by Indie Authors. I made a pact with myself to explore more diversity, which includes books by Indie Authors. Some of my recent reads include Raquel Raelynn, Rayona Lovely Wilson, Sylas Seabrook, Tonja K. Johnson (her epic romantasy is on the horizon!), Nicklous P. Adams, Falencia Jean-Francois, and many more incredible indie authors that I've devoured.

Audio, Physical, or E-book, which do you prefer?

Audio and Physical. I stare at a screen all day, so I avoid E-books when I can. 

Is there anything you’re passionate about outside of writing?

Does eating count? Because I swear, the big back life won’t let me go. Your girl likes to eat, eat, eat. Le sigh. Other than that, reading. I read about 10 to 25 books a month. I am also a Developmental Editor and help other Indie Authors pursue their dreams.

You’re stranded on an island, what three people and three items are you bringing?

A survivalist, a farmer/forager, and a handyman. I would bring a hatchet, a water purifier, and heavy-duty yards of rope. One of my favorite shows is Naked and Afraid. Lol

Have you ever felt like giving up? How did you overcome this?

Yes, all the time. But you know what keeps me going? People like you. People who support Indie Authors. People who have given my book praise and reviewed it. People who inbox me and share how much my story has impacted them. My readers keep me going. Every. Single. Day!

On Writing in general

How do you find the time to write?

I tell people all the time: I don’t find time, I create it. Regardless of how busy life gets, writing is the most important and it MUST happen. If this is my dream, I must prioritize it.

What do you find the most challenging about writing?

Editing. I believe editing takes more time than writing. I typically go through alpha, beta, and critique group editing, which requires time, attention, and numerous rewrites.

How do you push through writer’s block?

This may be controversial, but I don’t believe in writer's block. I write and I know things. Lol. And when I don’t know things, I write anyway. Think about it like learning a new skill. In the beginning, it's hard, but the more you flex your muscles, the easier it becomes. I do believe that my brain needs a break, from stories, from writing, and even from reading. So, I allow my brain to take those breaks. Coming from a corporate background, working a 9-5 job, Monday through Friday, off on the weekends…I use the same methods. I create set times for writing, from 6 pm to 9 pm, Monday through Thursday. Friday is for social media creation, Saturday is a free day, and Sunday is for relaxation. Computer closed, stories off, and TV shows on!

Are you a planner or a pantster?

I’m a planster. I create a general outline and allow myself to pants in between scenes.

What comes first? Plot or Characters?

Easy. Characters. Most of my books are heavy on the characters. A person can have a cool plot, but if I’m not falling in love with the characters, I’m not falling in love with the book. 

How do you measure Literary success?

When my readers turn it into a fandom, that's what matters most to me. I don’t care about anything else. The fandoms will never let my stories die. I could win an award tomorrow, and that's great. I appreciate it and it’s welcomed. BUT when I am long gone, the fandom keeps my work alive. That’s the writing success I’m aiming for.

What part do you feel reviews play in an author’s success? How do you handle the bad reviews? Do you even read your reviews?

Reviews serve as a signal to other readers that this book is worth exploring. It’s readers speaking to readers, creating a safe space for discussion. I try to respect that and stay out of readers' spaces, allowing them to engage freely with each other. However, sometimes I do take a peek, especially on days when I need a pick-me-up and read some of my positive reviews. As for the negative ones, they're inevitable. My book isn’t for everyone, so not everyone will resonate with it. When authors feel down about their reviews, I often advise them to look at their favorite book of all time—the one they'd go to bat for. Check out its reviews. You'll notice there are plenty of one-star and DNF reviews even on beloved books. Instead of dwelling on the negative, it's important to appreciate the positive reviews and the readers who wholeheartedly love your work.

How do you feel about the Publishing industry today?

One of my main concerns with the publishing industry is its tendency for Traditional Publishing to encroach on indie author spaces, often with the aim of capitalizing on and overshadowing voices. Whenever indie authors carve out a niche for themselves, traditional publishing seems to find a way to insert itself, despite already possessing extensive reach, resources, and support networks—things indie authors often struggle to access. I wish there were dedicated spaces exclusively for indie authors, free from the watchful gaze of traditional publishing, where we could preserve the limited resources available to us. Take Tiktok for example. There was a point where Indie authors could really shine! Then traditional publishers took over and now, Indie authors are barely receiving visibility. 

 Do you have any advice for aspiring authors?

Write your story. Your voice is uniquely yours, so make sure you're writing stories that you believe in, even when no one else does. Keep pushing forward and keep writing your story!

Book Specific

Describe your book in One sentence.

“When Blood Meets Earth” – A princess on the precipice of her bad girl era. 

Who do you think is your ideal audience?

Queer, diverse, neurodivergent, new adult to adult, fantasy, and dark genre lovers. 

What was the inspiration for this book? When do you get your best ideas?

My inspiration for this book was to explore a main character embracing their inner villain. Additionally, I wanted to delve into a story featuring a cast of anti-heroes. I often find my best ideas from writing prompts and other side quest stories. For instance, "When Blood Meets Earth" was inspired by a YA Fantasy sprint centered around a girl discovering a dragon. (I won't go into further detail because I tend to talk too much and spoil everything.)

Who is your favorite character? Or a favorite scene from your book?

My favorite characters are the twins, Oneo and Twoa. They are hilarious to me and exist solely to antagonize Bellamy, my main character. Plus, I love their names. My favorite scene is the entire Squablers' Quarrel arch when Bellamy goes to S.Q. When you read this scene, please feel free to DM and scream!!!

When you were writing your book did you make a pinterest/mood board for your book? If so, would you share it with us?

N/A I do, but my Pinterest is a mess! I would rather you follow my TikTok or Intsta @eanoble or @authoreanoble. You can also visit my website

If you were to have your book turned into a movie, who would you cast?

I would prefer my books to be animated. I haven’t thought about voice actors, but seeing my book in animated form will be the best thing EVER.

Did you have to do any research for this book? What exactly did you need to research?

N/A. That’s an entire five-page report lol

Are there any scenes you edited out but saved for later?

I had a scene with Quande and Bellamy that didn't make it to the final print. So, after the Reaper Festival, Bellamy ventures into the garden maze and finds Quande chilling at the fountain. After a little chat, things escalate quickly, and they end up engaging in a spicy sword fight scene. I mean, they were literally trying to unalive each other! I found it hilarious, but it received so many mixed reviews that I eventually took it out. It didn't really further the plot or add any additional information, other than showcasing some fun times in the garden maze.

What is the key theme or message in your book?

Trust no one! Well, that's how readers feel after they're done. If I say too much, it'll be a major spoiler. Plus, like most art, themes and messages are up to the interpretation of the viewer. I personally love it when readers share what they've learned and the messages they've discovered.

What do you hope readers get from your books?

I want my readers to know that I see you. I hear you. This is a community where diversity and love thrive. No matter what life throws at us, know that you've found your family here.

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