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Indie Author Interview: Heather Nix

Hi my little Gremlins! This Week we have yet another amazing Indie author to spotlight in our weekly Indie author Interview. HEATHER NIX! If you love Sapphic stories this wonderful woman has surely written a novel for you. Let's dive in and get to know her and her work a little better.

Let us get to know you:

1. Where are you from? Does that have any impact on your writing?

I’m from San Diego! I spent some time in WA and honestly, I think the PNW influenced me far more than California. I miss the trees and the rain and I find myself writing about it quite a bit.


2. How old were you when you first started writing your own stories?

I wrote a Clifford the Big Red Dog book when I was 4, which I also illustrated. It was exactly as magnificent as you can imagine, haha! But I started writing more seriously in high school (2001-2005)


3. What do you do to relax?

I take a 1-2h bath every night with candles and a fancy bath bomb, bath salts and bath oils. It’s an expensive habit but it keeps me grounded. I recently purchased a tablet and little keyboard so I can write in there when I want to! Though, I usually read monster smut instead.


4. Was there any one moment in your life that made you want to become an author?

Not really? I always planned to write a book, and just didn’t know how. A friend of mine indie published a book and did very well, and she helped me learn what I needed to do.


5. How many unfinished novel ideas do you have lying around?

Oh, gods. A lot.


6. While I love to rep all Indie Authors I like to spotlight those that are part of marginalized communities, would you say you are a part of such a demographic? How do you think this influences your writing?

I’m an autistic lesbian, so pretty much all of my characters are queer and most are accidentally neurodivergent. I write exclusively sapphic main characters, because there aren’t enough of them.


7. If you could change any one thing about our world today, what would it be?

No one should lack access to the things needed to comfortably survive.


8. Are you more of an introvert or an extrovert?

100000% introvert, though in person I often seem extroverted because I overcompensate for my discomfort with social situations.


​A bit about your writing:

1. How do you go about writing? Are you a planner or do you just write?

A little of both! I generally have a beginning, a few major plot points and an end and I fill in the blanks. Sometimes I plot, but I still get away from it when I do.


2. Do you have a preferred writing environment? Such as a Cafe, home office, or just anywhere?

My couch!


3. Are you a full-time or a part-time writer? How do you think that affects your writing?

Part time. I have 2 small children and I’m a full-time student and freelance editor so I am busy all the time! I wish I had more time to devote to writing, I’d likely release a lot more books!


4. What do you find to be the most difficult part about writing? The easiest?

Dialogue is always a struggle to me. I’m not great at talking with people, so it’s hard for me to write natural sounding dialogue. Characters are easiest for me. I love getting into the headspace of different characters and their relationships.


5. What comes first, plot or characters?

Characters and plot come together simultaneously for me!


6.  Is there any writing advice you would like to give to a writer working on their first novel?

Write what you want to. Spend less time trying to write what you think other people want. You will find your people!


7. Why did you choose to self publish your books?

 I don’t have the mental stamina to query, and I write things that trad pub is not typically looking for 


Book Specific:


1. What was your inspiration for your Song of Gods Series?

A failed dnd campaign! We had the world built and I had my character designed and then it didn’t happen. So I wrote it.


2. Do you have a favorite character? Scene? 

Maelwen will always be special to me. She’s very much like me (though, I don’t eat men.) One of my favorite scenes is the beach. I can’t say more!


3. You seem to mostly focus on sapphic romances, do you plan to explore other identities/relationships in future books?

All my books will be sapphic. What that entails will vary. I write non binary characters and I plan to have an agender character and a trans woman character in the future. However, I never want to write someone else’s story. 


4. Were there any parts of the novel you found challenging to write?

Woodborn sort of flew by. Seaswept proved to be a lot more difficult. I recently made the decision to change from a trilogy to a duology because I felt as though I was struggling to write. It felt like I was writing filler to make space between the first book and the end climax and it was making me unhappy. So, I changed it!


5. You recently put your efforts into writing, and then managed to publish not one but THREE books in one year. How has that experience been? Is there anything you would have done differently?

It was a lot! I had a lot of fun, and I’m VERY excited to continue the Magic and Mishaps series. They are so fun to write and I have 4 more plotted out already. 


6. Would you be willing to share a quote or excerpt that you love the most from one of your novels?

Vexx’s intro in Mixing up Mayhem makes me laugh every time!


Vexxanthe Desmodeus Hekate Marie Morningstar awoke to the cheery sound of birds singing. She rolled over in bed, pulling a black silk pillowcase over her head, and snapped her fingers twice. A feral growl tore through the air. There was the sharp clatter of shattering glass, a terrible cacophony of squealing and squeaking and then nothing but the sound of gnashing teeth and whistling wind. With a contented sigh, she snuggled back into her blankets and fell back asleep.

7. And lastly, what are you currently working on? Can we expect to see multiple books from you in 2024 as well?

Seaswept which will complete the song of gods series other than a future spinoff novella, and the next book in the Magic and Mishaps series which is called Brewing up Bedlam!


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