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My Most Anticipated Indie Book Releases of 2024 

Hi my bookish Gremlins!

The new year is quickly approaching and I can’t wait for all the new amazing books but right now I have 6 very specific books that are on my mind. I’ve read so many amazing books this year and because of that I now have so many more to look forward to in the coming year and I want to share them with you so we can gush about them together. <3

1.Snow on the Summit book two in the Obligates of Aerta Series by E.A. Fortneaux.

 If you’ve been following my blog or any of my socials you know I’ve been obsessed with E.A. Fortneaux’s debut novel “Following the Snow” when it was released in August of 2023. It was an Epic Fantasy full of romance, political intrigue, body positivity, female empowerment, and adventure. It’s got all the why choose, fated mates, one bed trope-y goodness that so many of us love in our fantasy. Add to this a curvy hot tempered FMC and her vastly different but equally HOT MMC love interests, my favorite of which reminds us that “All bodies are delicious bodies”. Book two comes out on Feb. 29th 2024 and is out for pre-order now.

2. A Legacy of Stars book two in the Fate and Legacy Series by Raquel Raelynn.

Sapphic. Vampires. Witches. Werewolves. Diverse characters. Need I say more? Book one The Balance of Fates came out in March of 2023 and when I read it a few months later it became my whole personality. Not only did it have the nostalgia factor of Vampire Diaries Vibes mixed with Vampire Academy but make it sapphic. It also had the diversity those two lacked.  Book one left us on a cliffhanger so big I thought my brain might explode and so I can’t wait for the second book to arrive. The release date is still TBD but the plan is for 2024. No Cover as of yet, but I'll be sure to share the moment we know!

3. Space for More book two in the Spire Station series by Emily Antoinette

Plus size babes with monstrous yet cinnamon roll MCs were my introduction into the whole Alien/Monster romance world and I haven’t looked back since. Emily is now one of my favorite authors and I’ve had the privilege of ARC reading the last three,( COUNT EM THREE!) of her novels that she released in 2023 following her debut novel Space for Love which is book one of the Spire Station series. Book two is set to follow Mezli the FMC’s bestie from book one. I can’t wait to see what kind of trouble this wild one can get into. It’s set to release on Feb. 20th 2024 and pre-orders are open now.

4. Ruthless Tides a Primordial Gates Novel by Alex Hanson

If I have to name my top read of 2023 Beauty’s Beasts  by Mx. Alex Hanson is it. It was the first book in the Primordial Gates series and was a BEAST of a book. A Non-binary/Genderfluid MC with a whole host of Fated mates made this Beauty and the Beast retelling one for the history books. It was spicy and good.  The Primordial Gates novels are standalones that fit into the same universe so I’m expecting great things from Ruthless Tides, a MM little mermaid retelling. Be warned if you decide to check it out it is VERY DARK so read your trigger warnings. Release date is TBD but is to be in 2024.

5. Cubs and Campfires- Dylan Drakes

Dylan Drakes has captivated me by his personality alone. His Debut novel was originally set to be a series but plans changed. Now he’s working on a new project. Cubs and Campfires is a MM romance about big burly boys in the woods. 

6. And a TBD Title for book two in the Gems of Ixora Series by Jessica Hoffa

Of Storm and Emerald was the first book by Jessica Hoffa I read and let me tell you I was NOT disappointed. Our FMC is feisty and our MMC is the shadow daddy of your dreams. I don’t know if there is a name for the whole “playboy turned simp” trope that I see in some books but this is definitely one of those. And let me tell you if someone calls you their star you tell me you won’t fall in love. Book two has yet to be titled but is planned for later in 2024.

Well there you have it, that's my list of most anticipated releases for 2024. Drop yours in a comment and let me know what indie books you’re excited about.


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