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Of Storm and Emerald by Jessica Hoffa: A Review

I recently read this as an Arc and this my book babes is my honest opinion.

Let's start with some basics shall we?

Rep that can be found in this novel includes BIPOC characters (all side characters as of book one.) We also have a Pan side character and our FMC is Bi.

The story is told through dual POV of our two main characters, though Aurelia, the heir apparent to the throne, is the main focus of this book. You can instantly fall in love with this one. Aurelia is fiercely independent, and a bit rebellious in nature. She intends her birthday weekend fun to be just a fling but something just draws her to Prince Daemon and she can't seem to fight it.

This book has very much Romeo and Juliet vibes. With a LOT of spice. OMG the spice! The spice is fantastic! Kinky, sexy, wonderful spice. Also points for mentions of contraception, aftercare and kink safety. Granted it takes up a good 70% of the book.

The world building is ok, I can tell it was thought about but there isn't enough about the rest of the courts to really see any of it in play. We see a decent amount of the Court of Emerald and a tiny bit of the court of Sapphire isles.

The plot is pretty good but a bit predictable. I don't want to give it away here but I personally saw the key plot twist a mile away, granted the author did do it a bit differently than I imagined. The plot is also only about 30% of the book which is a little less than I'd prefer.

As for character development, babes, I wanted to throttle a few of these side characters! Piper is a nosey best friend in the worst ways, loyal but irritating. Don't get me started on Aiden! He was beyond the worst. Everyone is pretty static in my opinion except for Aurelia but I won't go too much into that for fear of spoiling a major plot twist.

All of that taken together and I'm giving it 4 ⭐ and 4🌶️ It was a good read, it has both BIPOC and LGBTQIA+ rep, spice that was actually spicy, and overall a good story line with an ending that keeps you wanting more.


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