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"Outrun the Devil"- V.L. Summers: A review

Book cover of a snake ready to strike, it's fangs glistening. The phrase "Beteen the shadows and the badge, justice takes a bite"
Cover of Outrun the Devil

V.L. Summers' debut novel Outrun the Devil follows Detective Olivia Collins, a homicide detective with psychic abilities, a sassy attitude, and the highest closed case rate in her department. She prefers to work alone, it’s easier that way. At least that’s what she tells herself…

Now though, a difficult case in the neighboring town pulls her in and she’s forced to work with Nathan Steele, a rookie detective who for some reason can’t find a shirt that fits him. Olivia isn’t keen on the idea of working with him but she doesn’t have much of a choice if she wants to solve these murders before another young woman ends up dead.

During the investigation they come across Xavier Knight, a mysterious, sexy club owner who just makes Olivia’s skin crawl (in more ways than one). He knows how to get around the law and seems to know more about Olivia than she does.

This book pulls you in fast and you can’t help but want to keep reading. One of my favorite things about this book is that our heroine is a GROWN woman. Olivia Collins is an independent woman in her early 40’s. Which is a nice change of pace since a lot of books have a younger FMC (usually 18-25).

I loved the characters, though Xavier will forever be my favorite and he needs more time in the spotlight! I can’t wait for the next book in the series just for the chance to see him and Olivia interact more. I love a cocky bad boy <3. I could live with or without Nathan. He’s an ok character and we love that he helps break Olivia out of her shell but he’s just not my favorite. He reminds me of that basic golden boy who could do no wrong.

Overall I say this book is definitely worth the read. I gave it a 4 star rating but like a 1 on the spice scale.


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