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"Quartz Mountain" by Audrey Lynn: A Review

Hello my Bookish Gremlins! I recently read Quartz Mountain as an ARC read and realized I hadn't shared my thoughts with you yet. So here's how I felt about this fantasy release. If you've read it be sure to comment your favorite part in the comment section!

Book Title: Quartz Mountain

Author: Audrey Lynn

Genre: Romantasy

Publication Date: 

Page Count: 485

Tropes: Portal Fantasy, Strangers to lovers, Fated Mates, Chosen One

Trigger Warnings: There are many check the TW page

Caught between two worlds, she holds a power that could change everything…

Avery Hollis has always preferred being outside in the rugged Montana mountains than indoors. On an annual camping trip at Quartz Mountain with her twin sister, Avery wants nothing more than to explore the wilderness. When a brutal bear attack propels Avery into Aeritis, the land of the Fae, Avery is left unsure of her sister’s fate back in Montana.

Rescued from near death by Savine, a jaded rebel leader, Avery finds herself trapped in an intricate world of power and magic with no way home. As Savine battles to overthrow the tyrant king, Avery becomes an unwitting pawn in his game of strategy and rebellion.

But Savine's reasons for saving Avery are more than political. He senses an awakening within Avery—a power that could shatter the boundaries of their world. Yet, the undeniable connection between them could bring them together in a way neither of them ever expected.

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So I’ll just be honest here Quartz Mountain was not what I was expecting when I first picked it up. I figured it would be like every other Romantasy on the shelves now with Fae saviors and the weak little human child woman in need of saving. But it wasn’t that, not exactly anyway.

First of all our FMC is no child, she’s a fully grown albeit not so functioning adult, and she has her own mind and doesn’t just let people treat her any ol’ way. When Avery lands in the Fea world she’s injured, traumatized, and fearful for her life and that of her sister’s who is sadly nowhere to be seen. 

Our MMC is a brooding, self-isolating, self-sacrificing man who, well, I’ll be honest I don’t really like him all that much. I found Savine irritating. He couldn’t make up his mind what he wanted and seemed to be unable to make the hard decisions. Audrey does try to make him likeable though and she somewhat succeeds. Savine’s tragic backstory, and the mix of the Fated Mates trope try to explain away his conflicted feelings on Avery and their bond. 

With these two as our main pairing it was a bit of a struggle for me. I liked the story but I just really didn’t get why they were together if not for them being “Fated” to each other. I’m all for that trop but I’d like to think that these couples would work even without that bond. In Quartz Mountain’s case I just don’t think it would have worked. 

So, if I wasn’t sold on the romance you might be wondering what I did like, I liked the world building immensely. No. I LOVED it. We learn about The Cleaving (separation of the human and fea world), the Fae in this world are a bit different from the normal elven warriors, and the way in which the magic in this world worked. I also really loved the secondary  character Kyla, she was the MMC’s sister and I just absolutely adored her. I would have much rather read about her story.

Speaking of Kyla…

Without giving too much away, I felt like this story should have started a bit farther back. I can’t say what happened without ruining the book but I felt like if Audrey Lynn had started the book from shortly before where her pro log started book one would have been that whole journey and then this book, Quartz Mountain would have actually been book two and not one in this series.  Honestly I’d love a prequel Novella. 

YOU HEAR ME AUDREY?! I need this prequel Novella like I need air. Give me Kyla’s story and make me want to root for Savine. 

Overall I ended up giving it a 4 star review. I liked the world enough and the plot was still good. Even some of the banter between Avery and Savine was good. I just didn’t really like them as a couple. The Spice was mild at best and I’ve given it a 2 only because there are spicy times on page.  So you could definitely use this book up on your shelves.


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