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Rekindling my love of Reading

Hi my bookish Gremlins! 

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about my relationship with reading. I know for myself I have always loved reading. If you’re anything like me, you're an adult who is struggling to figure out what parts of myself are me and what parts are the masks I’ve had to put on throughout my life. Reading is one of the only things I KNOW is something that is a part of myself. 

I have loved reading since I was a small child. I vaguely remember only having books when I was very little because my parents didn’t have much money; I’m fairly certain that they were all donated or gifted from other people. My mom would read to me all the time, I had this one Mickey mouse book that I loved so much I had started to memorize the words without really knowing what they were on the page. How much of that memory is real and how much is just my brain filling in the gaps I don’t know but I cherish it nonetheless. 

My love of reading stayed with me. I read so much as a child. (Unless of course I was being forced to by school.) I do remember a time when I would argue that I didn't need to read all because school was trying to make us do those dumb reading logs. I hated those. I didn’t want to have to read. I wanted them to just let me read when I felt like reading. Eventually that phase ended and I began reading so much that I remember when I was in the fifth grade my mother Genuinely GROUNDED ME FROM READING! I remember her going to my teacher and telling her if it wasn’t related specifically to school work I wasn’t allowed to read in my free time. Have you ever met a child that’s only punishment was to take away their books? Well now you have, granted I’m an adult now so maybe it doesn’t count. 

Anyway I continued to love reading. I, like so many others, fell in Love with Harry Potter as a child (we don’t support J.K. here, this is the past before we knew better) and I devoured the books one right after the other. I was gifted the first one oddly enough by a Family friend on my 10th birthday. I didn’t read it for real until I was 11. I thought the first few chapters of book one were incredibly dull back then. I evolved from there to other fantasy novels, almost always with magic and heroes who slayed their villains, and then to the teen years where it was all either dystopian or romance there was no in between. Oh and let’s not forget the Twilight years. (Team Alice btw though back then I would fiercely say Team Jacob we weren’t quite open and aware then).  

It’s those same teen years that I found Laurel K. Hamilton, Kim Harrison, and Sherlyn Kenyon. Yes, I have a type when it comes to books. And Yes, I’m aware of the very white washed nature of ALL of these authors so far, I’m getting there. Be patient. 

As an adult I started to read less and less and for a while I didn’t read at all. Maybe once a year when the latest novel from one of those three would drop and nothing else. It wasn’t until April of 2023 that I truly fell in love with reading again. I can’t remember for certain but I think the book that did it was One Last Stop. It was like I suddenly remembered that I could escape the world again. The books transported me away from all the troubles of everyday life and reminded me why I loved reading so much. So here I am, writing this blog, making new bookish friends, and reading more than I have in years and loving every second of it. 

If you too have fallen in love with reading again, What book did it for you?


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