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Snow on The Summit: A Review

This review is spoiler free. (for book 2, some spoilers for book 1)

Hiya my bookish Gremlins!

When I tell you, this book had me on an emotional roller coaster ride! I laughed, I cried, I screamed in outrage, the whole emotional spectrum I'm telling you.

This is the second book in the Obligates Of Ærta series, and I'm so glad it didn't end up being one of those sequels that didn't measure up to the first book in the series.

Stainglass style cover in light blues and gold Title Snow on the Summit Book 2 in E.A. Fortneaux's Obligates of Aerta series

Book Title: Snow on the Summit: Obligates of  Ærta Book 2

Author: E.A. Fortneaux

Genre: Romantasy

Publication Date: Feb.29th, 2024

Page Count: 510

Tropes: Chosen One, Marriage of Convenience, Found Family, Why Choose

Trigger Warnings: There are many, please check author site for details.

Book two in the epic tale of love, lies, and Obligations!

Follow Eira as she journeys to the Kingdom of Monwyn, a place where she will discover truths about herself and the power she wields in a society where the men of the Mountain have reigned supreme... until now...


Uncertainty is the only thing I am certain of…

I have learned since leaving Verus that even in the face of grave danger, the heart is still capable of love, and that love comes in an infinite supply, in all manner of shapes and shades.

I have come to understand that even as the walls close around me and the stars seem to shine less brightly in the night sky, life continues moving forward, and I must continue following the path I have chosen... or choose to be left behind. My power lies firmly in my own hands.

Oh, and I’ve come to the conclusion that being a Chosen One is a steaming pile of horseshit, and if a person is to be ‘blessed’ without their consent, it should godsdamn well be served with a heaping side dish of clairvoyance.

At least the sex is good.

Your Daughter,

Eira (The Assigned but Aggravated Obligate of Solnna)

Postscriptum: When next we meet, you owe me an explanation of the missing details of MY LIFE... and a hug. I miss you."

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Snow on the Summit picks up right where we left off in Following the Snow book one in the Obligates of Ærta Series.

We follow Eira as she continues to navigate her way through the mess she was thrown into simply because she was born under a certain set of stars in the sky.

In order to escape the Primus King of Gaia who has decided that Eira belongs to him (which if you read book one you KNOW why that's creepy) she has to go with the absurd plan that The Protector and Ambrose came up with at the end of book one. This means she's off to play the ever doting wife-to-be to our man-baby Prince of Monwyn. Now I have been #TeamAmbrose since the beginning. Why? Because I like 'em big, cocky ( insert eye waggles here) , a touch toxic, and able to back that shit up when it counts! Plus how could you not love Ambrose? He literally wants to lick and nibble at all your rolls 'cause "All bodies are delicious". I mean he's perfectly dreamy. ❤️ We get to see even more of him in Snow on the Summit and I think it's amazing the way E.A. Fortneaux shows us even more about our Prince. I would say I think it'd be amazing to see somethings from his POV but even just seeing him through Eira's eyes we get a bit more insight to why he is the way he is and what his values really are.

Okay, back on track after gushing about my man!

Eira is thrust into Monwyn society only to find that it is stuck deeply in a misogynistic way of life, and you know our girl is NOT having that. At every chance she is given she challenges the very narrow world view that the men of Monwyn have about women and their place in society. If you know me at all you know I LOVE a badass FMC who is all about burning down the patriarchy. 'Cause me too Queen, me too. Eira causes a bit of an uproar with her antics but she is ultimately making changes. Even if she is having to use the men in her life to push for them.

Now, while adjusting to life in Monwyn Eira also has to work with her companions, the brooding Protector and the Man-Child Prince, to solve the mystery surrounding her birth and keep the many political powers in line without causing a complete destruction of their worlds very fragile peace. This is difficult at best and disastrous at worse. Eira wants to take immediate action and the men in her life keep trying to hold her back. They do this with the best of intentions but it is still frustrating as all get out! I really wanted to be on Eira's side and tell the boys to forget about it and march right up to the Primus King and give him a not so gentle shove off a very steep cliff. He would deserve nothing less.

Snow on the Summit is full of political intrigue, body positivity, diverse representation, and a whole lotta love. I can not wait to see what happens next as the ending left me reeling! There are so many twists and turns that my head is still spinning, and I will be dying trying to figure out what's going to happen next for the next however long the amazing E.A. Fortneaux needs to get us the third book of this amazing series.

It might be too early to call it but this is already well on its way to being my top read of 2024.

Overall I gave Snow on the Summit 5/5 ⭐ and it is definitely a 5/5 🌶️

If you have read this book, or even just the First book Following the Snow let me know what you think in the comments! I love getting to talk to people about the books I've read.

Oh! And if you're a fan of pretty books be sure to go check out E.A. Fortneaux's website to order your copy with sprayed edges! She does them herself and they are GORGEOUS!

You can also follow her socials!


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