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Space for Love, an Alien Romance Review

Space for Love by: Emily Antoinette

Babes, we’re gonna need a good glass of wine to make it through this one!

I can NOT give enough love to this book. I love that it has a plus sized FMC who gets straight up railed by a big hot alien. The spice has been brought my darlings and it is spicy!

Ok, so this book is the first book I’ve ever read that is considered a Monster “Romance” (We all know we mean something else), and I am all here for it. The spice was wonderful, though it was the majority of the book. I tend to like a little more equal measures spice and plot. So let’s get into it.

The world building for this smutty romance is actually extraordinarily well thought out. Each of the different species of aliens have their own customs, languages, cuisine, and even their own expressions of love. I think this little bit of depth really added nicely to the overall story. The characters are a mixture of good and bad. I do like the FMC Fina, she has insecurities but not so much that it’s her whole personality. Something many authors will do when writing a plus sized character. She is a bit timid but she works on coming out of her shell with the help of her BFF Nezi, who might be my favorite character in the whole book.

The romance has you wanting to smack both the main MC’s though, at least I did. They were just a bunch of blubbering dumbasses. If they’d get out of their own heads they’d have realized they were into each other WAY sooner. Thankfully miscommunication gets cleared up when a swallow of a foreign substance ( wink wink ) during a virtual session finally breaks through their little wall of separation.

I’m glad that these two idiots found each other. Also, way to go Fina for bagging a total hottie with the soul of a saint ’cause Maerlon is literally the sweetest.

Anyway, 4/5 stars and a 3.5/5 on the spicy level.


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