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Tear in Reality- Scarlett Hathaway :A Review

Hi my lovelies I’ve got another amazing book for you!

To start off you know we love a book with diverse representation and this book has it in spades! Our FMC Lola is BIPOC/Latinx, we have Latinx side characters Kate and Angi (Lola’s aunts) that are integral part of the story (one of which is a Lesbian), a bisexual/pansexual? character named Paris who is part of our main cast, and while not explicitly stated I believe Ken(another of our main cast and also the love interest) may also be a BIPOC character as well. There are other background characters that might also be part of the rep in this book but none stood out to me while reading.

Ok, now that we’ve talked rep let me give you the basic rundown on what this book is about. Tear in Reality follows a cast of four teens, who just so happen to be supernatural beings. Each of them is a different type of supernatural but they are all what their world calls “Nightwalkers”. We have Lola our FMC who is a witch, Paris a 500(more or less) year old Vampire, Ken a werewolf who hasn’t yet experienced the change, and Erica the girl who was raised by humans but is actually a seer.

These four find themselves pulled into a big heaping mess when they stumble upon secrets that they were never supposed to know. Now they’re stuck joining in on a secret task force or risking execution. Not like there’s much choice in that. What’s worse is that their world is literally unraveling around them as they learn that there are worse things that go ‘bump in the night’ than the supernaturals that they know of. Turns out it’s not just the humans who are in the dark. To make matters worse those things that go bump seem to have their sights set on the four of them as their next target.

Of all of these characters I have to say my favorites are Paris and Kate. They’re both passionate and strong willed female characters. Paris is sassy, snarky and very much in your face while Kate is just logical, blunt, and fiercely protective of her loved ones. But let’s not take away from the others they all have something about them to love. Well, except for Ken. He’s just not my favorite. As a character I felt he could have been given more substance. His backstory is shared in this book and while it has all the marks of good character building his personality falls flat in my opinion. I dislike him even more as our heroine’s love interest.

Since I mentioned not liking Ken let me explain that and a few other things I don’t really understand about this group of characters and their dynamic.

We’ll start with Ken and Lola’s romance. In their world it is taboo for species to mix and produce offspring of mixed supernatural races. So much so that children who are of those mixed pairings are put to death and if found out the parents are also punished. Knowing this you would think that the two would never risk being involved no matter what their feelings. And before someone comes for me I know not all couples have children it’s just that risk factor that makes me go, ‘huh? This seems like a bad idea’, so why doesn’t it do the same for our MCs ? But even if that wasn’t the case, I just don’t get their love story. Is it simply because they’ve known each other so long? The fact that they don’t know any Nightwalkers outside of their friend group? I don’t know, it just felt forced.

My second issue on character dynamics is this, why is Paris an approximately 500 year old vampire, friends with a couple of teenagers. Granted they say they met her a few years earlier that still means she met them at the earliest when they were 14. How did they become friends? Why? I guess I could see her becoming close with the aunts (she even hits on Kate at one point) but why the teenagers? The way the characters interact is fine and makes sense, their personalities mesh well just as a reader I can’t fathom why every time we have vampires in a story it’s always some ancient vampire and teenagers. At least she isn’t trying to hit on them I guess.

Overall I gave this book 4 stars. It’s fun, not too heavy, and keeps you engaged the whole way through. I can’t wait to find out what happens in the next book and will be patiently waiting. I have some theories but I’ll keep those to myself for now.


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