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The Fated Ones: Kennedi Morgan: A Review

The Fated Ones is the debut novel of author Kennedi Morgan. It follows our main character Nessa and is told through a triple POV of Nessa, Skye, and Marcus.

Nessa is a she-wolf shifter who can’t shift and her pack never lets her forget it. She has only two friends, her twin brother Aeron and her best friend Marcus. The three of them are inseparable, that is until a tragedy strikes their pack and their pack leader tells Nessa she is no longer welcome in their home.

Never fear though as Fate seems to be on Nessa’s side. That very same day an opportunity presents itself to join in the royal army to help fight a war against the neighboring kingdom. If the three join they’ll be leaving all of their problems behind but also be in for a whole new set of problems.

This was a fast paced, well written story of medium level fantasy. It was a unique take on Shifters as a whole; though our primary focus was on Dragon shifters and Wolf shifters. Add in a dash of Fae and a whole lot of angst and you’ve got this book.

Nessa has so many things stacked against her. She can’t shift, she isn’t as strong as the others, she doesn’t heal as fast, and she definitely doesn’t have any of their respect. Still she pushes through with little complaint and for this I love her character. She has all the odds stacked against her and she refuses to give in.

Skye is a character that needs some thought. I loved that they are the non-binary/genderfluid rep we never knew we needed. Part of what I found really interesting is that their being NB/ genderfluid is part of the world building. In Morgan's world Fae are born being agender and then later choose which part (or in Skye's case don't) choose their gender. I don’t love that they seem to be bullied by some of the people in their life for their insistence that they are most themselves when they exhibit parts of both and neither at the same time. Skye doesn't let the bullying get to them though and is an outrageous flirt with a heart of gold. They just want to help end this ridiculous war and help their people in the process.

Marcus is my least favorite character out of the whole bunch. I don’t get why he’s even there. I can’t say too much without giving away the story but it should have been him. Just saying, you’ll understand once you’ve read it. Nessa deserved better.

The book’s plot is simple and straightforward, and it works. The world building is only ok though. I felt like we weren’t given enough detail on the world and it’s history. I know we’re given some info and that is helpful but I just felt like it could have been better. Also, a note on the world building aspect of latent shifters, I felt like this particular part could be seen as possible ableism or racism. I say this because one, Nessa is signaled out as being “less than” or as being “a burden” on her pack due to her inability to shift. Now, the author does have a commander in the army point out that outside of their small village people don’t treat others who are latent in the same way. I’m not sure if that helps or hurts the case. I see it as being a parallel to our own world where in smaller, less populated areas we have these issues more often whereas in bigger cities the people seem to be more understanding and less judgmental. I could just be over thinking it but I’d love to hear other opinions.

As for the romance aspect, it's messy for sure. But we like it that way. It's fated mates/chosen mates, childhood friends to lovers, strangers to lovers to enemies, romantasy that will keep you guessing and have you rooting for your favorite love interest until the very end. You should also be prepared for tears. I wasn’t expecting to have a good cry by the end of this book but I did.

Overall a 3.75/5 star (we'll just round that up to 4 here) read and like a 2/5 spice level. I wanted more spice but I don't think we'll be getting any of that until book two. Which btw can't come soon enough.


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