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What makes a book Indie?

I know I push the whole indie books things here, and we've talked about how to find them in the wild but did you ever wonder what makes a book Indie? Well an Indie book is usually either self-published by the author or published by a small independent publisher. 

Self-Published Indie books

When an author chooses to self-publish they are taking on a huge financial risk and often it’s more about getting their stories out to the world than it is for money. Not that every author doesn’t dream of being able to live off of their life's passion. It’s just known that very few authors ever make it that big. With self publishing an author will normally rely on Print on Demand(POD) services, such as amazon KDP, to get their books to their customers. The cost of printing the books comes out of their royalties with the distributor and is often very little. 

Independent Publishers Indie Books

When an author teams up with an Independent publisher they make a contract with this publisher much like they would with traditional publishers however they often have smaller networks. The Independent publisher is able to run small batches of their author’s books, help with cover design, distribution, and even in some cases marketing. Not all Independent publishers are the same though each one can help with as much or as little of the publishing process as they want. The author will have more creative control however than if they were signed by a larger publisher. They also might actually be able to make a bit more money this way than self-publishing depending on what, if any, up-front costs they must pay to the publishing company for their services. 

Both methods have their benefits as well as drawbacks but both routes are where you’re going to find some of the most inventive and diverse books. It’s these Indie books that give us a much more varied selection than traditional publishers.


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