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Who knew you could find love in the bathroom?

If you’re a fan of Sapphic Contemporary romance this is definitely a must for your TBR!

What happens when you bump into a crazy hot girl not once but twice and accidently convince her to leave her fiance at the altar? Well you can find out in Jennifer Dugan’s Love at first Set. This book had me laughing and crying. It was so good.

The story follows Lizzie, a gym obsessed girlie who has somehow made her whole life revolve around the gym. She works with her GBF James whose parents just so happen to own the gym. The two of them seem to have the dream friendship, equal parts complete support and tough love (Though most of the tough love comes from Lizzie).

Even though their best friends Lizzie never uses this as an advantage to get what she wants, her own gym. A place she can be completely and totally happy helping to make the gym accessible to all, it’s her life’s dream. Only problem is, she hasn’t even the slightest chance of making it happen. She lives paycheck to paycheck in her little apartment all while taking care of her less than wonderful mother’s finances as well.

She’s trying to work up the nerve to put in for a promotion to at least manage a gym, the closest she feels she can get to her dream, when a twist of fate throws a wrench in her plans. James convinces Lizzie to join him at his sister’s wedding when his boyfriend breaks up with him before the big day. Lizzie has never even met his sister and almost refuses to go but James convinces Lizzie that it would be a chance to impress his parents, a chance that Lizzie couldn’t possibly pass up.

While at the wedding Lizzie bumps into what is possibly the hottest woman she’s ever seen once outside her hotel room door and again later when she finds the same woman crying in the bathroom. In what can only be called the most epic use of the “Girl-code” ever to exist, Lizzie accidentally convinces this woman that she should break up with her boyfriend.

Sometimes our brains go a little haywire around pretty women, We've all been there Lizzie.
Me too, babes, me too. 'Cause WOMEN.

What Lizzie didn’t know was that the insanely hot woman turned out to be Cara, James’ sister! Now, Lizzie tries to keep it hidden that she just caused the bride to walk away from her groom and stay out of the spotlight or risk her job and possibly her future.

As fate tends to do though, just making it home from the wedding was not enough to escape Cara’s presence. Lizzie gets the surprise of her life when she is continually thrown together with the insanely hot Cara, who she can’t possibly be into. One simply does NOT bang the best friend’s sister!

The story of Lizzie and Cara is a roller coaster that had me laughing at times and crying at others. I can’t explain just how amazing this book truly is. Lizzie’s backstory is heartbreaking but relatable and it made me want to root for her the whole way through. She has endured enough and deserves a happy ending. That and a really good therapist.

If you ask me to rate this book I’d give it a solid 4.5/5⭐ . The plot is there, the characters are fun and relatable, and the writing is wonderful. On a spice scale though (For those of us who love a little spice in our romance) is only ½/ 5🌶️. There isn’t much to be seen other than a mention of sex and a few fade to black scenes.


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