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Why should you read Indie Books?

Are you stuck in the mindset that only traditionally published books are worth reading? Or maybe you know someone who has this attitude? Well let me change your mind.

5 reasons why you should read Indie books

  1. Indie books are often unique stories. Traditional publishers like to stick to what they “know will sell” and so they don’t often select books that might be outside of what's trending at that moment. Just because a book doesn’t meet the current trend doesn’t mean it isn’t worth reading. If anything it’s a nice change of pace from the monotony that you can find on the shelves of most major bookstores.

  2. Buying Indie means supporting Small Business. Indie books are not distributed by big name publishers so more of your money is going to support the actual writer. Self-published authors especially fall under this. They do all the work for their books from the first draft, final product, to marketing. These author’s do a lot of work.

  3. Indie authors are “real” people. Not that Stephen King, Charlene Harrison, or Laurell K. Hamilton aren’t real people but they are much harder to reach out to. They have hundreds of thousands of fans, good luck being seen in the comment section. In my experience Indie authors are more responsive, personable, and are easy to build a kinship with. Personally I have met a few authors that I have made connections with since starting my Indie book journey.

  4. Indie books bring a much needed diversity to your bookshelves. Like most things in our world marginalized voices are harder to hear. With indie books you can discover a wide range of books from a wide range of authors in many different genres.

  5. You can make their day! Indie authors are some of the most wonderful people. Liking, sharing, and reviewing their books can make their day. After all, they poured their blood sweat and tears into creating this book.  So it's up to you the reader to  make or break their n-day.


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