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You had me at rivals to lovers and sapphic.

A witch without magisk. A vampire just trying to feel something. A society set on keeping them apart.

The world building alone is enough to make you fall in love with this book. Add to that the dynamic characters, the tension between our rivals turned lovers, and the weight of expectations being placed atop our MC’s shoulders and you can see why I didn’t want to put down this book.

The novel follows Lucia, the heir to the Golden Griffins, the top coven of witches. She has been expected to lead from her birth and because of this she has been sheltered away from the world, both magical and human. If that wasn’t bad enough she has never shown even the slightest bit of magisk. The pressure is on when she fails her blooming ceremony for the third time. She runs off into the woods to escape her coven's judgment and clear her mind when she meets Adelaide. Their encounter is brief and full of a little too much excitement for our sheltered witch.

When she returns home the next morning she learns that her grandmother , the Witch's representative on the Caput Trium, has fallen ill. Without someone able to hold the Orbis Libra of power their defenses against the outside world start to falter. Lucia now has to compete for her place as the holder of the orb, and leader of the Mystical world.

Full of self doubt and a strong desire to prove herself worthy of her place among the witches, and a touch of excitement now that she gets to leave her sheltered life in the village to attend Erini, a school for mystics, Lucia begins her journey.

I couldn’t get enough of this book. To be honest from the moment I saw Raquel’s Tik Tok advertising this Rivals to lovers, sapphic fantasy, I was already in love. I’ve been in a sapphic reading frenzy as of late and the idea of a rivals to lovers fantasy featuring witches and vampires brought me back to my teen years when books and shows such as Twilight and Vampire Diaries were the obsession of every teenage girl. The difference being that The Balance of Fates let me see a heroine that was more like myself and different all at once.

Lucia is easily swayed by not only her elders but by her peers, all because she has an abundance of self doubt, something I’m sure many of us can relate to. Some maybe a little more than we’d care to admit, I know I’m in that particular category. Lucia’s road to gaining her self confidence is slow and I’ll admit hard to read at points. I found myself yelling out loud a few times when she made a particularly dumb decision. But it’s all part of her character development and she does FINALLY get there.

Her romance with Adelaide isn’t instant, though the attraction is. It takes a long time for her to realize that her relationship is more than platonic but when they get there…just… yum. Adelaide is sexy as HELL. I mean if you like morally gray characters, touch her and die vibes , and cocky “bad boy” stereotypes Adelaide is the female equivalent and damned if she doesn’t do it well.

I can’t wait for the next book in the series and hopefully I’ll find a way to survive without more Lucia and Adelaide goodness. (I might just have to re-read some of my favorite bits iykwim) The wait will be excruciating either way since Raquel left us hanging off a cliff to our deaths that nearly made my head explode.

In the meantime though, I need you bookish babes to get on this book! I need someone else to be out here obsessing with me and if you can create fan art even better!

So what are you waiting for? Go get your copy of The Balance of Fates by Raquel Raelynn now!!

Oh, and stay tuned for an exclusive interview with the author coming soon.


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